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Yes! I am here again with my excuses. I have been missing for a long while now, I really can’t help it, life is happening to me so I can’t blog right now. I have my professional examination coming up so a girl has to read. I am completely out of my comfort zone for now and that means no blogging.

I am really sad about this but it’s unavoidable and I promise to be back with a bang (like I always do).

Wish me success, pray for me.

See y’all soon.

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Hey guys,

Like I promised yesterday Aisha has a very very very short poem for y’all. I guess she’s not over the election fever but I am sure soon enough it will clear off. Anyways enjoy.

Broken glasses

Bullet fragments

Lifeless bodies

Mantras won

Mantras lost

Law decides

Victory songs

Painful tears

Unexplainable hurts

I have made it through another one

Of bloody stained human paws

I hope they are stories I tell my unborn ones

Cos someday before they are born

It would all be done and gone

Yeah girl! It will all be done and gone. I saw this poem and loved it at first read. I hope you did too.

What’s cooking for tomorrow? We will find out soon enough.

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Hey guys,

I am sorry for putting on my invisible cloak last week, I had quite a busy week and I couldn’t pull off blogging. Monday means serious business and since it is almost over already we are going to hit the nail right on the head. The month of March is the Endometriosis Awareness Month and in that spirit I have put up this post, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist so let’s learn something today shall we?

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis occurs when tissues normally found inside the uterus grows in other parts of the body. Endometrial tissue consists of glands, blood cells and connective tissues which normally grow in the uterus and prepare the lining of the womb for ovulation. It may attach to the ovaries, fallopian tubes exterior of the uterus, the bowel or other internal parts.

Incidence of Endometriosis

30-40 percent of Nigerian women who live in Nigeria, suffer from Endometriosis- The Bridge Clinic, 2017.

Endometriosis affects between 6 and 10 percent of women of reproductive age worldwide- Wilson D.R., 2018.

More than 5.5million American women have symptoms of endometriosis- Web MD, 2018.

What causes Endometriosis?

The exact cause of Endometriosis is not completely known or understood. But there are several theories as to what can cause endometriosis. They are:

1) Where menstrual blood doesn’t flow out normally but enters the fallopian tubes and pelvis.

2) Surgical scar whereby endometrial cells move during a procedure like hysterectomy or C-section.

3) When the lymphatic system transports endometrial cells to other parts of the body.

4) Genetic inheritance where a family member had such disease. It can be passed on to the next generation.

5) Endometriosis is stimulated by the estrogen hormone.

What are the symptoms of Endometriosis?

Pain just before, during or after menstruation is the most common. Pain during or after sex is also one. The symptoms may be related to the location of the growth.

Most women have some mild pain with their menstrual periods. If the pain lasts more than 2 days and even remains after period and keeps one from normal activities, one should see a doctor.

What are the risk factors of Endometriosis?

It is most common in women and the risk factors are:

1) Women in their 30s and 40s

2) Women who haven’t had children

3) Women who have periods longer than 7 days

4) Those with a cycle shorter than 28 days

5) Genetic inheritance

6) Medical history of pelvic infection, uterine abnormalities

7) Caffeine and alcohol consumption, lack of exercise which can cause estrogen to rise.

How can Endometriosis be diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed with the use of Ultrasound, Laparoscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Pelvic examination and clerking patient to find out history and symptoms.

How can Endometriosis be treated?

1) With the use of pain medications like acetaminophen, NSAIDs like ibuprofen. These medications relieve pain and treat symptoms not the underlying endometriosis.

2) Oral contraceptives which will help control estrogen level

3) Excision during laparoscopy

Most women get relief when they get pregnant or when menopause occurs.

I believe you have learnt something today, I equally did too whilst typing this post.

Elections are over, leaders have been declared and Aisha (once again) has a very very very short poem to that effect. See you tomorrow.

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Hey guys,

I am here again and I promise I won’t bore you. I am not so sure how your day is going or how it has been so far so I am going to keep it short. Pregnancy is usually an exciting time for expectant parents but sometimes it can be false, yes! False. That’s why I have put this together. I didn’t know much about it either but after reading and reviewing Stay With Me I went ahead to find out more. Let’s go!

What’s Pseudocyesis?

As defined by WebMD, Pseudocyesis is the belief that you are expecting a baby when you are not really carrying a child. It is also known as False Pregnancy. People with Pseudocyesis experience some symptoms of actual pregnancy like nausea, weight gain and back ache all with the exception of an actual fetus. It is even said that some men experience similar phenomenon called “couvade”, also known as sympathetic pregnancy (which I will shed more light on later).

What causes Pseudocyesis?

Although the exact causes are still unknown, doctors suspect that it may occur due to psychological and physical issues. The psychological factors may trick the body into thinking that it is pregnant. Some researchers have suggested that poverty, a lack of education, childhood sexual abuse, or relationship problems might play a role in triggering false pregnancy.

When a woman feels an intense desire to get pregnant, which may be because of infertility, repeat miscarriages, impending menopause or a desire to get married, her body may produce some pregnancy signs. The woman’s brain then misinterprets those signs and triggers the release of hormones like prolactin and estrogen that lead to actual pregnancy symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

Women with false pregnancies usually have the same symptoms with women who have real pregnancies and these symptoms can last for weeks, the nine months stretch and even for years. Some symptoms include:

  • Interruption of menstrual period
  • Swollen belly
  • Tender and enlarged breasts, changes in nipples and sometimes milk production
  • Feeling of fetal movements
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight gain

How do you know someone has Pseudocyesis?

Most times a pelvic exam and abdominal ultrasound is usually carried out. In the case of a false pregnancy, no baby will be seen on the ultrasound scan and there won’t be any heart beat. Urine pregnancy tests will also be negative.

How do you treat false pregnancy?
When a woman believes she is pregnant, especially for a period of several months, it can be very upsetting for her to learn that she is not. Doctors need to gently break the news, and provide psychological support, including therapy, to help the patient with pseudocyesis recover from her disappointment.

I hope you have learnt one or two. Tuesday is here already, what can I say? The week seems to be flying already. See you then my lovelies😘

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Hey lovelies,

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s story. I have another poem for you today. This is Christian by Belinda Van Rensburg. Enjoy!

Pray, Christian; pray

Every night and day

God is never far but near

Open your heart and be sincere;

Pray, Christian; pray


Read, Christian; read

Study God’s Word; take heed

Read your Bible ev’ry day

Or else you might be led astray;

Read, Christian; read


Stand, Christian; stand

God’s given you this land

Don’t give in; do not fall back

Ask God to help you to stay on track;

Stand, Christian; stand


Speak, Christian; speak

Each day of the week

Preach the Gospel; share the Truth

With the elderly and youth;

Speak, Christian; speak


Live, Christian; live

You’ve got so much to give

Show the lost world Jesus’ love

Be wise yet gently as a dove

Live, Christian; live

I hope you enjoyed the poem. Another week is here, let’s see if I can pull it off yeah? #medMonday is knocking already, stay tuned.

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Hey guys,

Happy New Month! I am sorry I couldn’t put up a post yesterday, I had to attend to stuff. But I am here today with a story. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, I am just happy that I will lay on my bed all day today😁. Enjoy!

As a little child, I had really long hair and I never let anyone bring a scissors or clipper near it, you could call me the female Samson (Samsoner???🤔). It was like that until primary school was over and I thought I was going to Chrisland College since I had just left Chrisland Primary School (makes sense right?), but my mother had other plans. My brother and I were going to Model College Badore (you remember stories from there right? there’s still more to come), but for the first term our names didn’t come out on the list so we were to resume the following term, and then my mother said, “you can’t stay at home doing nothing for one whole term, you people should go to Command for this term”, now this is where my story begins.😑

First of all, I never liked day school, the thought of going back home everyday from school and the whole world sees you in your uniform was just yuck to me🤮, I loved the idea of being in boarding school and nobody gets to see you for months and when they finally do they appreciate your presence😌. So going to CDSS Oshodi which is Command Day Secondary School, Oshodi was like a tall order for me. We went and wrote the exam and passed of course and since we weren’t children of soldiers our school fees was more expensive. By the time we knew was what happening we were to resume on Monday like that.

If you are following this story you will know I mentioned that I never ever wanted to cut my long glorious hair. In CDSS, juniors cut their hair, like really really low, you will see girls on “skin”, like whyyyyyy😖. The first day of school I plaited my hair all back and just made the tips in a way that made it look like my hair was short. I went to class, I didn’t talk to anyone, the environment wasn’t just my thing really, I felt like I was the only different person there. Classes went on on for the day and I just listened while I sat at the back.

The week was going well with my hair still intact, glory! But one senior couldn’t have it (I think she was the head girl). She came to the class and called me out. She asked why I hadn’t cut my hair,I legit told her that in my family we don’t cut our hair if not we will fall ill and eventually die (just like I planned with my mom that I would say). Please don’t laugh, I wasn’t going to let anyone cut my precious hair and I would do anything in my power to save it. Unfortunately she didn’t buy my story and took me to higher authority. They said I won’t be allowed into the school if I didn’t cut my hair by Monday. Imagine how I felt😟☹.

I got home that day and told my mom everything and she was like well you just have to let it go. Guys, I cried, why didn’t they just make me an exception really, I really cried. If I had just gone to Chrisland we won’t be talking about my hair, but no, some people would have died if Deedee didn’t cut her hair🙄😒. Anyways, the weekend came and I visited the barber, I will never forget that day, the scissors came from nowhere and chopped my hair off, just like that, no sweat, nah man, I couldn’t watch and I had tears in my eyes. The barber kept saying you are still fine na, in my head I was like a woman’s hair is her glory please leave me. It was like the guy was taking away everything I ever had and will ever be in life. As if the torture wasn’t enough, on getting home my brother just kept laughing at me, my crush saw me on that low cut guys, I almost entered the ground, it wasn’t a very good day really😪. My mother did her duties and consoled me and then by Monday I was obviously allowed to enter the school. The only thing that pacified me was that I could pour water on my head while bathing😁.

Time went on, I had made like one or two friends, exam was on its way, the term was coming to an end. By the end of the term I came first in class out of like a hundred plus students *pops collar* 😋. I hardly talked in class so people were surprised I was the one that came first 🙄. I even had 99% in Igbo, the teacher had to look for me (Igbo that I can’t even speak much😫). The term ended well but the best news was I wasn’t going back there because my name had come out for Model College and it was boarding school here I come💃.

They called me “oyinbo” in that school because they said I was really fair and I spoke phonetics🙄, but it was a good experience for me if not it wouldn’t have been story worthy right? 😊


It’s Saturday baby! Rest up! Or go and eat owambe food😏. See y’all tomorrow.

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Music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realize- Napoléon Bonaparte

Title: Clone Wars IV “These Buhari Times”

Artiste: Show Dem Camp (SDC)

Executive Producers: Samuel Akan (SPax) and Olumide Ayeni (Ghost)

Engineer: Audio Grease Monkey

Release date: January 1, 2019 under Show Dem Record and Fatherland



2) Savage ft Ladipoe 3:15

3) Respect, Loyalty and Honour ft MI Abaga 3:45

4) Duade ft Cina Soul 4:54

5) Shadow of doubt ft TEMS 3:56

6) Epigenetics ft Ozone 4:01

7) Packaging 3:58

8) TDV (Trust The Vibe) 4:48

9) 4th Republic ft Vector and Dap The Contract 4:28

10) +234 3:42

11) Hunger cries 4:06

12) Everything I love 3:32

13) No white flags ft Phlow, TEMS and Rotex 4:19

14) Tipping point ft Boogey 2:38

Show Dem Camp after giving us Palmwine Music 1&2, in the words of Ghost, “since Clone Wars III, I have been impatient, too much Palmwine will cause intoxication” had to gift us Clone Wars IV- “These Buhari Times”. If you know SDC then I must congratulate you because your style and selection of music is topnotch.

Show Dem Camp has grown an incredible reputation of consistency, potency and growth with every project they put out. Over the period of nine years, the duo has released seven projects consisting of mixtapes and albums. Fresh from the success of the second Edition of their annual Palmwine Music Festival (that I missed again!😩) SDC gave us this wonderful album which is yet again a reflection of their growth with songs touching on political and socio-conscious issues.

From “The Subsidy” to “The Recession” and now “These Buhari Times”, Clone Wars has always shown an in-the-moment state of events providing SDC with a voice to be at their most vocal on societal issues. They have indeed shown once again that they are the franchise players of Nigerian hip hop and so I rate this album 4/5.

I have had quite a busy day and your girl is tired so a short review won’t hurt anyone 🙂

It is goodbye to February, hello to March and what’s up Friday?

Best blogging regards,